Casino Shortlist was born in 2020 as an idea of us, casino lovers, to have our own casino directory online where we can share our casino tips we prefer ourselves. The online casino world seems get crowded with casino offers of different kind, we however prefer to look at different aspects that goes with the playing casino online.

We are a team of igaming professionals with a mix experience of online casino play. From experienced gamblers to newbies in the casino online business. Having also a marketing background, love to write and read casino news, we just feel as a perfect match to run such a project as casino shortlist site.
Choosing an online casino product we promote on this site we look through different aspects that we all as professional players or casino newbies find important before playing online and more importantly deposit money into some.

The casino selection is become overhelming and we are happy to share our best casino brands with you. Let us show you how we choose a casino before we even consider to play online:

– Check the licence (from Curacao, Malta, UK, etc, depending where you are playing from. Local restriction might limit your casino choice, however it is an important information for your future play and money security. On this site we list the casino licence for you not to search for it
– Casino feedback online is one of the most important task to check. We check every single casino brand on casino forums and pay attention for any bad references. Serious negative feedback on online casino brand is an immediate stop for us.
– User Friendliness might be something many of us would not even consider as an important subject when registering to online casino, but omg it is. Casino Shortlist team has tested the use of the site, from a sign up process to the payment procedure.
– Casino Game selection and casino game providers are also a key for casino shortlist team. While one brand would list only a few online casino games, some would list hundreds. We do not really care about the number of games, but absence of the best online casino game providers just make it a bit harder.
– Casino promotions. Ok, casino bonuses might be a question considering the wager and deposit, however they still do the job, you get nice casino bonus money to have extra cash to play. And we all know that even wager might be a bit high, sometimes time spend on casino play will go that fast that would be shame not to use a casino bonus. We however look also in the promotional plan in general to see we will have a chance to participate in nice casino tournaments, get extra casino spins and cashback. All casino promotions of course depends on the choice of each of us, we therefore make sure there are some to choose from, which shows a bit more about the brand taking care of the existing casino player
– Customer support. This is a big one. We test, we talk, we pretend problems. We like the casino agent to be polite, helpful and speaking our language.

With all above said, we know the online casino world is changing far too fast, should you have any bad experience with any brand on casino shortlist, please let us know. Add contact link